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The government depends on the taxation as primary source of income.The government imposes mandatory financial charge to citizen which is called tax.The tax generated is used for development purposes and to pay government workers.Taxation policies have made quite uneasy for the government to obtain targeted amounts.This is aggravated by citizens who try to evade paying taxes.Before digging deeper to the issues affecting the sector lets first highlight the various types of taxes and measures put in place by the government to ensures the compulsory financial obligation is met by everyone.

Payroll tax is obtained from salaries of employees.The payroll tax is determined the salary which one is entitled to.Taxation criteria is provided by the government.The government is mandated to provide the ratio to be used for the taxation.Payroll tax amounts to main income for the government hence it is strictly observed.Value added tax is very common in business settings.Under this type of taxation every good and services provided should be taxed.Taxation is done on every stage up to consumption.Depending on the economy of certain states the tax maybe exempted for certain products and services.

Custom duties are tariffs imposed on goods ferried across international borders.The percentage of the total value of goods is taxed.The rates are provide by government institution mandated to monitor rates.The rate is actually determined by the total value of the goods from the country which they have been purchased.The taxes are aimed at protecting the country’s economy.This gives an opportunity to local manufacturers to market their products.The taxes limit the amount of goods ferried to the country.

Those are the most common types of taxes.This taxes affect the rate at which people pay taxes.People have resulted into using fraud methods to escape taxation.Making the states to establish policies to govern taxations.The policies state how taxation is to be conducted within its jurisdiction.The penalties for failing to pay taxes are also put under the ACTs.Practically the most common way of ensuring that everyone pays taxes is by filling returns at the end of each financial year.
The government has a financial year under which the budget is due.Budget is made at the end of financial year.Everyone is entitled to file returns.This helps the government to predict the amount of revenue they will be able to collect within the financial year.Filling the returns is done via government portals to allow proper articulation of data.

Failing to file returns has its consequences.You can be subjected to heavy penalties or even sentenced to jail term.You may escape the penalties but not the effects of economy.The country is subjected to poor economic growth.The backbone of every economy lies in what the government generates from revenue.The country will experience economic backlash with poor revenue.The incentives given to employers my limit employment.Ensure to file your returns at the end every financial year.

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