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How to choose ties based on the occasions and how to choose it to complement the suits

Wearing a wrong tie at a wrong place and wrong time would just be bad
for the look as any ill fitting blazer is. There are lots of fashion articles
that deal with choosing the best ties for men so that it makes them understand
how it forms a vital part of completing the formal look of every man. In
general the body type dictates the ideal width of the neckwear. So it is very
crucial to select the appropriate ties for every man to look so well dressed on
the whole this fashion article
deals with choosing the right ties for
right situations.

Factors to consider while choosing good ties

The following are the few factors to be noted while choosing right ties.

  • Campbell Carey says that the different tie widths
    suits different body types. So men must be able to choose the ties based on
    their physique.
  • Also, a correct tie should be able to complement the
    suit that they wear. This is achieved by matching the width of the tie with the
    width of the lapels. A broad man should choose a broad tie based on his
    shoulder length.
  • Colour is also a major factor while choosing a right
    tie. Not all the colors would complement the suit that every man wear. It is
    crucial to choose which colour would suit and go well with the suit colour,
    shirt color and one color.
  • The aim is to choose the color of the tie one shade
    darker than the shade of the shirt it’s paired with.
  • It is also important to choose based on occasions. The
    ties worn for an interview cannot be worn for a board meeting. Different ties
    suits different occasions.
  • A general rule is that the silk ties that have block
    colors are more formal. Hence they are mostly worn in board meetings.
  • There are also lots of patterns and prints to be
    considered while wearing the ties based on occasions. Stripped tie will
    definitely have great way of introducing the colors and textures

Wearing a wrong tie would bring down the look of a person and it
eventually creates embarrassing situation to the one who is wearing it.