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Gifting is an art. This art has existed on the face of earth for several thousand years now. If we look at ancient texts, we can find passages that show that giving gifts have been a holy tradition even before the birth of Christ. Even when Christ was born, the eastern priests known as the magi came from far away to bestow special gifts on him. Gifting someone something shows emotions. It is one of the most beautiful and harmless way to show your hidden emotions like love, respect, gratitude and many more.

But whatever emotion
you want to portray depends upon the gift you present to someone. A gift brings
with itself a lot of smiles and abundance of happiness, and the most important
thing, a lot of positivity and love. There are several reasons why you give a
gift to someone. It doesn’t always have to be a materialistic thing, but even
letters and words can be gifts for someone. When it comes to materialistic
things, here are a few things that gifts signify:

  • Gifts
    showcase trust. It is one of the most important parts of gift giving. You can show someone that you trust him or her by giving
    gifts to that person.
  • Gifts have
    been known to being peace with it. Several infamous quarrels between countries
    and empires have resolved with gift giving. Therefore, it is a harbinger of
    peace as well.
  • Gifts are
    given to show mutual respect for somebody. On certain occasions like the
    teacher’s day or the Mother’s Day, people give gifts to show their respect for
    their elders. Respect is a precious emotion, and giving gifts is a wonderful
    way to showcase it.
  • Gifts are
    given to remember someone. We have seen in several movies and books that lovers
    used to exchange gifts to help someone keep their memories intact for a long
  • Gift
    giving is a social norm. Giving gifts is a traditional thing that has existed
    for centuries. Several societies and communities have had this practice for
    thousands of years. Gifts are also known to bestow good luck to the giver as
    well as the receiver.
  • Gift
    giving is also a way of bestowing several good blessings to someone. It is a
    known thing that gifts are given on special occasions like births and weddings
    to bestow good luck upon the receiver of the gift.

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